Seminars at sea - Academy Cruises and Tours

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Seminars at Sea - Academy Cruises & Tours

Seminars at Sea - Academy Cruises & Tours

  • Comfortable, contemporary set-up
  • Captive audience ups participation
  • Coffee breaks included, no charge
  • MSC Poesia Meeting Room
  • Large and versatile facilities

Conference Centers

Seminars at Sea - Academy Cruises & Tours

  • Air walls allow large/small sessions
  • Many groups easily accommodated
  • Celebrity Constellation Conference Room

Theaters & Lounges

Seminars at Sea - Academy Cruises & Tours

  • New environments for new ideas
  • Spacious interiors relax you
  • Some ships also have a cinema
  • Carnival Freedom Show Lounge

Board Rooms

Seminars at Sea - Academy Cruises & Tours

Seminars at Sea - Academy Cruises & Tours

  • Combine business and pleasure
  • Plasma screen TV's on many ships
  • Small business groups fit right in
  • NCL Pearl Vienna Board Room
  • Complimentary Use of Audio Visual Equipment
  • Save thousands on a meeting at sea!

A/V equipment available at no charge:

  • Projectors
  • DVD players
  • Plasma screen TV
  • Speaker's podium or lectern
  • Multiple wall-mount screens
  • Video wall (multiple screens)
  • Wireless or lapel microphones
  • Professional stage lighting
  • Sound board (show lounge)
  • And more (just ask!)

Looking For Speakers For Seminars@sea

Have you ever considered speaking on a luxury cruise ship or with a group of other speakers?

Seminars at Sea - Academy Cruises & Tours
Seminars at Sea - Academy Cruises & Tours

Imagine traveling on luxury cruise ships to exotic destinations

All over the world with the potential of increasing your business

Network and net-worth as well as generating more money in your pocket!

Learn on Vacation and Get a Tax Write off!

Complimentary cabin for each speaker!

Our 'one-stop' service includes consultation that includes a written strategics plan; travel agent services that include coordinating cabin bookings for you, guest and seminar attendees; seminar branding/marketing support and event planning services.

If you are the planner, we offer 'enhancement kits' that are unique and creative that assist you with your goal of creating a memorable event for your client.

  • Sail into business success
  • Entrepreneurs@Sea
  • Authors@Sea
  • Writers@Sea
  • Golf@sea
  • Photography@sea
  • Learn How to Start Your Business,
  • Grow Your Niche
  • Be a Success as You Sail Into Your Future.
  • Social Media & Email Marketing Training
  • Creating a Social Media Presence for Your Business
  • Using Email Marketing to Grow Your Business
  • Education Entities - Schools
  • Continuing Ed Units
  • Development Groups
  • Agencies Providing Multiple Services & Programs
  • Societies
  • Fraternities
  • Book clubs
  • Cultural Diverse groups
  • Hobby groups
  • Owners and Directors of Groups and/or CentersAgencies
  • Conference Planners
  • Board Members
  • Teachers and Assistant Teachers
  • Parents & Grandparents
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Authors
  • Writers
  • Speakers
Make it a fundraiser cruise - most cruises will match funds for any fundraiser

Got a topic? Want to be part of this?

CNN just did a segment on Seminars@Sea! See it HERE

Why would you want to speak at the Hilton in Chicago when you could speak on a luxury cruise to exotic destinations all over the world with the potential of increasing your business network and net-worth and generating more money in your pocket!

Cruise ships offers the all-inclusive meals, entertainment, presentation equipment and meeting space.

Cruising builds in the social and excursion time needed to get a clear head, generate fresh thinking and share new experiences with colleagues.

You're not in a (dark) hotel ballroom ... thinking, "Here we go again."

Speakers have access to amenities on cruise ships you might not otherwise be able to afford for a retreat-- nightly entertainment, happy hours, floral arrangements, audio/visual equipment, and personally chosen meals rather than preplanned banquet platters.

CNN quotes-"Imagine sitting at a conference roundtable and being able to look out on the turquoise sea for inspiration. At lunch, you steal away to sunbathe on deck. That night, after a featured speaker presentation, you'll watch a cabaret. Tomorrow, you'll spend a few hours on Grand Cayman."

I bet you love being a "Professional Speaker?

Speakers have a passion and expertise for their topic area along with the need to help and serve people.

My program Seminars @Sea cruise programs offers tools and support for you to, work, have fun and increase your profits all at one time. Frankly, if you do it right, you can secure your income for the entire year from this one Seminars@Sea programs cruise event.

Seminars@ Seas program gives you the business opportunity and marketing to increase your seminar's success beyond seminar registration sales. I have a proven system to monetize your Seminars@Sea event, beyond the small fraction of the income your seminar will generate.

But for that to happen you have to have more than one revenue stream. And although most seminar leaders think of ticket sales to monetize their event, that is only a small fraction of the income your workshop should generate.

Book your Seminars@Sea cruise program with us and we'll share the - Back Of The Room Sales - Top 5 Things To Sell At your Seminars@Sea cruise program to generate even more income!

We can put you on a Seminars@Sea Cruise

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