“The Global Entry program can make getting through airport screening a breeze,” said Lenau. “You will need to go through the screening and interview process, but this can save you time, especially if you travel often. You will spend much less time waiting in lines for TSA screening and in customs.”

Anthony Tucker, All Inclusive Outlet, also suggest signing up for TSA Precheck and the Mobile Passport app. “TSA Precheck advertises that 97% of TSA Precheck passengers wait less than 5 minutes to be screened,” he said.

“You can clear security without removing shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and light jackets. The Mobile Passport app is only available at certain airports but can save considerable time when coming back into the U.S. From your phone you can fill out and submit your U.S. Customs form. Once reviewed, you will receive a bar-code that can be scanned at a Mobile Passport station to bypass long lines at Customs.”